Campaigning rocker Bono has praised British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his contribution to eradicating poverty in Africa - but insists he isn't afraid to criticise heads of state when he thinks they aren't doing enough.

Blair announced the creation of the international AFRICA COMMISSION last year (04) to examine the continent's past, present and future with a view to defeating poverty.

At the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in Davos, Switzerland earlier today (27JAN05), Bono said, "I truly believe that the Africa Commission has the chance to change more lives.

"I suppose my job as a rock star and activist is to bring applause when people get it right and make their lives a misery when they don't.

"I think I have some use here to try to encourage people to take some unpopular decisions at home and do the right thing on the global stage. These are expensive choices people have to make if they want to do the right thing for Africa."

27/01/2005 17:49