Irish rocker Bono thrilled the members of traditional Mali group SAMAQUERA (corr) last night (22MAY06) when he joined them for a chant during his awareness trip through Africa. The U2 star took time out of his cause for a little light relief at Bamako club Piroge, where he was transfixed by the music of the group, which performs ancient West African tunes and chants. Then, during the last song, Bono stood up and took to the makeshift stage, adding his own version of the lyrics to a traditional song. After the impromptu performance, Bono admitted he was moved by the music. He told locals, "It's astonishing music." Bono is in Africa with aides from advocacy group DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) in a bid to prompt western powers to live up to their promises of increased aid for the poorest countries. Joining him on his trip is British politician Gordon Brown and top US newsman Brian Williams, who is charting Bono's trip with live reports from Africa.