U2 frontman Bono and his wife ALI HEWSON are providing safe, lucrative employment in developing countries - by launching their own fashion line, EDUN.

The Irish rocker has increased his chances of winning this year's (05) NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, by choosing where the clothes will be produced, to boost the economies of poorer countries.

Bono was inspired to set up the clothes brand after his numerous visits to Africa, where locals explained their need for trade instead of charity.

He says, "People in developing countries would benefit more, both financially and emotionally, by becoming part of the global economy, instead of being written off with big aid cheques.

"The only demand Ali made on me was that I didn't get involved in the fashion."

Hewson adds, "Bono's biggest impression of the Africans is that they don't want charity, they want trade.

"They have pride, they're very dignified people. They want to work. This company (Edun) is a business model that other people can follow."

15/03/2005 03:13