Bono is banned from getting involved in the creative process at Edun.

The U2 rocker is a member of the board in his wife Ali Hewson's company - a for-profit fashion brand with a mission to encourage trade with Africa and raise awareness - and while his spouse values his advice, she forbids him from getting involved with the hands-on aspects of the business.

Ali said: "We don't let him near the clothes. That's the only stipulation. But he's an amazing sounding board. It's always great to get his opinion."

Bono - who is renowned for his aid work - instead advises the company on their campaign and awareness efforts and he says he is proud of what they have achieved so far.

He told WWD: "I'm on the board. I look over the mission stuff. Ali told me that 37 percent of the collection you saw today is made in Africa. And that's real fashion pieces, not jeans and T-shirts. That's a massive achievement."

Ali believes it is important to make people aware that Edun is not a charity in order to inspire others to achieve similar things.

She said: "This is not a charity. It's a business. This is a for-profit company. A lot of people don't get that about Edun. This is trade. We can do this, and everybody can do this in Africa.

"The Fashion industry is often considered superficial, but it's actually a huge employer as an industry. It's the first industry in any country that is developing, so it's very important. And it's important that we do it right."