Rocker Bono has applauded Madonna for adopting Malawian baby DAVID BANDA, and attacked those who criticised her for "giving him a better chance in life". The U2 frontman is baffled by the negative publicity surrounding the singer and husband Guy Ritchie's rescue mission for the one-year-old. Speaking in Australia - where U2 are currently on tour - Bono says, "Madonna should be applauded for helping to take a child out of the worst poverty imaginable and giving him a better chance in life. "Baby David is lucky to have been adopted by someone who can give him a chance of survival in this world and I don't think it's fair that people are criticising her." He also dismisses criticism of the couple's decision to adopt a child with living family - baby David has a father and grandmother - insisting it doesn't make him any less needy. The 46-year-old adds, "About 20 years ago when my wife ALI and I went to Africa, shortly after Live Aid, a man who quite clearly loved his child came up to us and begged us to take him. "It's totally heartbreaking but he asked us to take his child home with us because he couldn't feed him. This happens all the time in parts of Africa where unthinkable poverty means people simply can't feed their children."