Bono has attacked Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, after his face was used in a government magazine without his permission. The Irish rocker and charity campaigner has written to Berlusconi claiming he feels exploited by the use of his image in the 161 page magazine published by the Forza Italia party and sent to millions of Italian households ahead of next week's (9-10APR06) elections. A caption below the image reads, "The Irish star is grateful to the prime minister for the actions promoted by the Italian government toward poor countries," in reference to the G8 summit in July 2005, where world leaders agreed to increase aid to Africa. Bono's letter - which has been printed on the front page of Italian Sunday (2APR06) newspaper Corriere della Sera - reads, "Mr Berlusconi, as flattered as I can be of appearing in your brochure, I also feel a bit exploited." Bono also challenges the leader to fulfil Italy's commitments to the cause - and double aid to Africa by 2010 as he promised to do at the summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. The letter adds, "If your commitment is real and your signature is trustworthy, then the world wants to know how Italy intends to reach this target."