Irish rocker Bono has hit out at America's stance on the cotton trade during his visit to Mali, the latest stop on his African tour. The BEAUTIFUL DAY singer visited cotton farmers in the north-western African country and promised to fight their case at the new World Trade Organisation (WTO) summit. He says, "There are cotton farmers in America who need to meet you. "This is my biggest desire because I think they will understand you better because I think American cotton farmers would respect how you work the land so well with little water." "The reason you don't get more for your cotton is because world trade talks, the people who are sitting at the table, do not respect your situation. "We will try to represent you in the trade talks where they won't let you sit." Bono criticised America for handing out $4.2 billion (GBP2.3 billion) in subsidies to its cotton farmers in 2004-2005. He believes these payments depress the international cotton market and ruin African economies.