U2 rockers Bono and The Edge put on a united front with their former Spider-Man musical director Julie Taymor by taking to the stage with her at the close of the show's opening night.
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, which features music by the Irish stars, was officially unveiled on Tuesday (14Jun11), more than a year behind schedule after months of delays and missed deadlines. The show's director Taymor exited earlier this year (11) shortly before the production was closed for a major overhaul, and she is now battling with producers over her royalty payments and compensation fees.
However, Taymor put the work dispute behind her to attend the show's big night in New York on Tuesday and even took to the stage for the curtain call along with Bono, The Edge and the Spider-Man cast.
Bono also insisted he remains on good terms with Taymor despite previous problems, telling reporters, "We absolutely love Julie and always have... As artists, we've been very, very close. She poured her whole life into this project. Tonight, she's here to host it."
Taymor added, "I'm delighted to be here. The cast wanted me to come. I'm very proud of (the production). We were trying to do something that's never been done. And that's very hard to do."
The musical received a slew of scathing reviews upon its official opening, with one critic from The Wall Street Journal reserving his harshest judgement for Bono and The Edge's score, calling the music "forgettable" like a "double album of B-sides", while the New York Times described the show as "straightforward children's entertainment".