Campaigning rocker Bono and talk show host Oprah Winfrey joined forces to shop for Africa in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday (12OCT06). The famous friends embarked on a high-profile shopping trip to publicise the new 'Red' clothes, accessories and gadgets, with sales proceeds going towards fighting AIDS in Africa. After buying Gap's special Red line in downtown Chicago, the pair went to an Apple store and bought the Red iPod music player. Other companies introducing special Red lines for the scheme include Motorola Inc, Converse Inc and Emporio Armani. Bono enthuses, "Some people won't put on marching boots, so we've got to get to people where they are at, and they're in the shopping malls. "Now you're buying jeans and T-shirts, and you're paying for 10 women in Africa to get medication for their children with HIV. "We now have some of the most creative people in commerce - STEVE JOBS (Apple CEO), the marketing people at Gap and Motorola - all working for the world's poor. That is so so cool."