Plans for rocker Bono and Latina stunner Jennifer Lopez to perform a duet about the AIDS crisis during the SUPERBOWL next month (FEB04) have been halted by the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE (NFL).

The U2 star had hoped that he and J.LO would be able to draw attention to the current crisis in Africa with the heartfelt track AN AMERICAN PRAYER, as part of the half-time entertainment at the Houston, Texas event on 1 February 2004.

But Bono's requests have been denied by an unrepentant NFL, who argue that the show - which is produced by MTV - is not a forum to "flog" worthy causes.

Spokesman BRIAN McCARTHY explains, "We simply decided that we were going to have our halftime show, and we were going to deliver, as we do annually, an extremely entertaining halftime show. We don't believe it's appropriate to focus on a single issue."

The song was originally recorded by Bono and Lopez last year (03) as part of the Irish rocker's ongoing campaign to raise awareness for the plight of AIDS victims in the poverty-stricken continent.

07/01/2004 17:04