Bono and MICROSOFT magnate Bill Gates have developed such a close bond over their charity work, the U2 frontman stayed with the computer billionaire during a recent trip to Seattle, Washington.

The unlikely pals enjoyed dinner at Gates' home and chatted about their third world missions, following U2's Seattle concert, which was attended by the keyboard-tapping entrepreneur.

Gates says, "I was one of 20,000 screaming fans."

The pair's shared belief in the importance of improving the quality of life for millions of impoverished men, women and children across the world has brought them close together.

With an endowment of $28 billion, THE BILL + MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION is the world's biggest charitable organisation, while Bono has played a major part in urging world leaders to offer debt relief to developing countries.

Gates adds, "We're big believers that more needs to be done in developing countries. Let me tell you, Bono has had a huge impact."

27/04/2005 14:00