Irish singer Bono has urged world leaders to help African famine victims by dropping Third World debt.

The U2 rocker insists Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, French premier JACQUES CHIRAC and American President George W Bush would secure a place in the history books if they changed the relationships between the affluent West and their impoverished neighbours in the southern hemisphere.

He says, "If Bush and Blair and Chirac asked my advice, I'd say they should reorganise the relationship between the north and southern hemisphere.

"At this moment in time they're nearly there. We need to encourage them to take this historic opportunity. If they changed things, they would forever be in the history books.

Bono made the plea during an interview with Britain's Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's former press chief ALASTAIR CAMPBELL for TV show ALASTAIR CAMPBELL INTERVIEWS BONO on Britain's CHANNEL FIVE station last night (27OCT04).

28/10/2004 02:47