Rock star Bono found he started to behave a "little odd" following the death of his father BOB HEWSON in 2001.

The U2 frontman feels more "at ease" since Hewson's death of cancer and Parkinson's disease - even if he did carry out some "mad stuff" in his battle to combat his grief.

The singer, whose latest U2 album is called HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB, says, "Maybe something just lifted, like a very strange weight, and I am more at ease with myself. And this is as easy as I'll ever get, and this is pretty good.

"He is the atomic bomb in question and it is his era, the cold-war era, and we had a bit of a cold war, myself and him. When he died, I had no idea what would happen.

"I did start behaving a little odd, took on more and more projects. Looking back, now I've finally managed to say goodbye, I think that I did some mad stuff.

"I got a letter from a friend of mine that said, '1) Don't leave your job, 2) your wife, 3) take large sums of money out of the bank.'

"I wasn't doing any of that, but what he was saying was, when fathers die, sons do mad stuff. I thought I was ready for it."

07/11/2004 21:28