Slain actress Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend CHRISTINA SCHEIER has handed over explosive evidence which could wreck actor Robert Blake's defence as he stands trial for his wife's murder.

Blake is expected to take the stand in December (04) when the trial surrounding the 2001 murder eventually gets underway and new information from Scheier could send the 71-year-old Baretta star to jail for the rest of his life.

Scheier, who is hoping to turn Bonny Lee Bakley's diaries and journals into a new movie and a true crime book, claims she was the last person to speak to Bakley before she was shot - and she insists parts of Blake's testimony just don't ring true.

Scheier, who has been banned from talking about the case until now, insists Blake's story that he left his wife alone in his car, where she was shot to death, while he went to collect keys from a Studio City, Los Angeles, restaurant, should be dismissed.

Movie producer LARRY GARRISON, who is working with Scheier on her book and film projects, says, "Christina has revealed there is no way in hell that Bonny Lee Bakley would have let Robert Blake leave her in a locked car in a car park at night.

"Bonny Lee had been raped as a child and she became pregnant. She would not have sat in a parking lot on her own - she was scared of the dark and scared of being alone."

Garrison reveals Scheier's information, which has been handed over to prosecutors in the case, also makes a mockery of Blake's reported claims that his wife was killed by a hitman hired by a business client she ripped off.

He adds, "The man in question was bilked by Christina Scheier after Bonny Lee stole Christina's identity. If he wanted to kill the woman who bilked him, he would have killed Christina.

"Are we to believe that the hitman in question erroneously went and killed the wrong woman?"

The authorities involved in the Blake trial are currently selecting jury members.

05/11/2004 19:43