Slain actress Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend and confidante CHRISTINA SCHEIER has called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) help after discovering she is classified as 'dead'.

Scheier was recently pulled over by police in New Jersey after they noticed a broken taillight on her car, but when they checked her details they were horrified to learn they were talking to a ghost.

Scheier's friend LARRY GARRISON, who is working on a film and true crime book about Bakley's life with Christina, says, "When the police checked her license plate details they came back and said to Christina, 'You can't be Christina Scheier because Christina Scheier is dead.'

"It seems somebody bought two homes and a life insurance policy in Christina's name and they tried to cash in on the policies."

Garrison admits this isn't the first time his pal has been involved in a identity scam - her late friend Bakley once used her details to rip off a client when she was running an Internet firm.

The producer adds, "One of the men Bonny Lee bilked apparently wanted to kill her - but he only knew her as Christina Scheier."

07/11/2004 10:37