A gag order that prevented Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend CHRISTINA SCHEIER talking about her pal's relationships with Robert Blake and CHRISTIAN BRANDO has been lifted.

As Blake, who stands accused of murdering Bakley in 2001, faces a pre-Christmas (04) trial, the woman who could ruin him with extracts from her late friend's diaries and journals has been given the OK to talk to the media.

Scheier, who has already turned down a $750,000 (GBP416,000) tabloid deal to part with Bakley's "little black books," plans to make a movie and pen her own book about the dead actress to show she was "a grifter with a heart of gold."

Scheier planned to reveal all about her friend's final days on the first anniversary of her death when she appeared on CNN chat show Larry King LIVE but she and producer pal LARRY GARRISON were slapped with a gag order minutes before the show went live and they were unable to talk candidly.

But now Scheier, who was the last person to speak with Bakley before her death, is keen to tell all - so her late friend isn't misrepresented in court.

Garrison, who is working with Scheier on the movie and book projects, says, "Christina wants to do this for Bonny Lee Bakley's family. She is a very spiritual person.

"As bad as Bonny Lee was she had her endearing moments and no one deserves to die."

Scheier and Garrison have been working with the authorities in the Blake case to provide them with relevant extracts from Bakley's diaries. Garrison believes information Scheier handed over to the authorities led to Blake being charged with his wife's murder.

05/11/2004 19:43