Actress Bonnie Hunt was such a fan of TV cartoons as a kid she used to hope characters like FRED FLINTSTONE would spill out of her cracked set, so she could keep them. The CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN star, who voices the role of SALLY in new animated movie CARS, admits she even cleared out a drawer in her bedroom so she could keep her cartoon characters there. She explains, "There was a crack in the glass in the TV and I used to hope that the cartoons would get close enough that they might fall out. "I would sit there with a cup because I wanted one of the little characters to go in there. I cleaned out one of my dresser drawers because I thought, 'I'll let them live in there.' It's really powerful." The memories came flooding back for Hunt when she started seeing cartoon magic come together before her very eyes while she was voicing Sally. She adds, "When you grow up and you're in this business and you get to be the voice in an animated movie, and it all comes to life, it's unbelievable."