The premiere of a multi-million dollar musical based on the hits of Seventies disco outfit Boney M has been delayed due to technical problems. DADDY COOL, which sets the group's hits in a contemporary London story loosely based on Romeo And Juliet, was due to open in the British capital's Shaftesbury Theatre this May (06). But the show will now be postponed by 12 weeks while bosses improve certain aspects of the production. Co-producer ROBERT MACKINTOSH says, "The producers of the musical Daddy Cool have decided to postpone their opening to late August of this year. "The creator/writer of the Boney M catalogue, Frank Farian, and I have decided to put back the opening of Daddy Cool by 12 weeks, to spend more time in pre-production in order to achieve the technical and creative possibilities of the show, which, in the long run, we believe will be in the best interests of the show." Boney M were famed in the 1970s and 80s for classics including RIVERS OF BABYLON, BROWN GIRL IN THE RING, GIRL YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE, and Daddy Cool.