Pop legends Boney M have been accused of duping fans by selling the same single twice in a year.
The group had two hits in 1978 with Rivers of Babylon and Brown Girl in the Ring, and both songs were released on each seven-inch record. The music company merely switched the A and B sides on the first record to create a second bestseller.
According to British newspaper, The Independent, fans who bought the first record could have saved themselves the cost of the second by simply flipping over their original copy.
Documentary host Anthony Barnes said: "It was probably the greatest rock 'n' roll swindle of the 1970s.
"Thousands of people bought the single, little realising they already had the track.
"If only more people had taken a little more time and effort to listen to the B-side, they could have saved themselves the 79p ($1.60) they paid at the record counter."