Larger-than-life rapper Bone Crusher has upset ATLANTA FALCONS officials after fans screamed expletives through his NEVER SCARED performance at Sunday's (02NOV03) American football game.

The hometown hero performed during half-time at the Falcons' game against PHILADELPHIA EAGLES, and though he censored himself on the microphone, his fans refused to - upsetting parents who had taken their children to the match.

Parents complained to the team office about the expletives, according to Falcons spokesperson AARON SALKIN.

Salkin insists Bone Crusher performed a clean version of his song, but others in the GEORGIA DOME didn't. He says, "They might have sung out the real lyrics, and that's what people heard."

Bone Crusher - real name WAYNE HARDNETT - says, "It ain't my fault that the fans know the other words of the song."

He thinks the complainants were more upset when Bone Crusher took his T-shirt off during his performance.

He adds, "I think they were mad because I took my shirt off. I think they're against fat people. I think fat people are beautiful. They're afraid of the fat man, but the fat man is beautiful."

06/11/2003 09:49