Former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh has launched a personal crusade to improve the roads in developing countries after learning that children are killed or maimed every 30 seconds on "death tracks".
The Chinese actress has become a leading lady in the Make Roads Safe campaign, and is planning a trip to the United Nations headquarters to alert America's top charity officials of her findings and ask them for help.
She says, "In any of the emerging nations, we all understand it is a necessity - we need roads - but how do we make them safe for the children, pedestrians, motorcyclists and things like that?
"We'll be at the United Nations in March to beg them for help and make them really understand and recognise that this is a major problem, and it's just going to get worse."
Yeoh accepts she's fighting a tough charity battle - because she's after money donated to AIDS charities.
She adds, "We spend billions of dollars in research to find a vaccine that will cure AIDS but, for road safety, we have the vaccine, we have the cure, so why is it not implemented?
"When they build a road in Africa they have to build it without planning, right where schools are... There are kids from five to teenagers out on the roads at about 6.15 in the morning.
"They're crossing these roads and suddenly you see these shadows and these cars and trucks are just going by and they don't stop. It's just awful."