Bond icon Sir Sean Connery has joined forces with a group of residents campaigning against plans for a major redevelopment close to his home in the Bahamas.

The veteran actor became a prominent member of the Save the Bays group last year (13), which is now battling a proposal by Canadian fashion tycoon Peter Nygard to build a new complex inspired by ancient Mayan architecture.

The Scottish movie star and other Bahamas residents argue the project will threaten the ecology of the Clifton Bay area on New Providence island, and court documents filed by the group claim Nygard has progressively increased the size of his estate since 1984 through unauthorised development.

However, Nygard has hit back at the campaign to block his plans, insisting all required applications and assessments have been filed with the country's government.

Connery has lived in the Bahamas since the 1950s.