LATEST: Former Bond star GEORGE LAZENBY has hit back at his estranged wife after she labelled him an "abusive alcoholic" - insisting it was her drinking problem which blighted their marriage.
Tennis ace Pam Shriver is divorcing the actor after six years, and accused her husband of threatening to kill her, assaulting her in a drunken rage, and giving alcohol to their three children - all of which Lazenby has denied.
And the star has now hit back at his estranged spouse, accusing her of having a drink problem and being addicted to medication.
In a 25-page statement filed at a Los Angeles court, Lazenby insists Shriver also put their kids George, four; and twins Caitlin and Samuel, two, at risk by driving under the influence of drugs.
The papers read, "(She) consumes a cocktail of prescription painkillers, Ambien sleeping pills and rum or vodka each night and during the day. When I have expressed my grave concern to (her) about her combining Ambien with alcohol she flew into a rage and attempted to justify her addiction by claiming she has debilitating migraines and shoulder pain.
"She is in no condition to drive in the morning. I have seen her be drowsy and dizzy, with difficulties in co-ordination - I have warned on numerous occasions to refrain from transporting our children in the car when she is in such a state."
And the former 007 actor is adamant that her claims against him are false.
He adds, "It is ludicrous for (her) to claim that she is afraid of me. I am not a violent or aggressive person."