New Bond girl Eva Green has blasted the movie bosses behind Ridley Scott's epic Kingdom of Heaven, after they cut most of her scenes out. The Casino Royale beauty was devastated when she saw the final version of the Crusades epic, but she insists the critically mauled movie was ruined by studio bosses and not the Gladiator director. But the French starlet admits it was being forced to do publicity for the film that hurt the hardest. She says,"It was really painful, especially to do the publicity and talk about it since (the part in the shorter cut) wasn't really what I had done - it was a love interest, and that's it. "But I learned a lot from it. I realized, you know what, it's just a movie, this is not your life. "Ridley was really angry. It was cut like three weeks before the distribution. You can see it, the editing's weird. They're (the studio) scared of being too dark"