Filmmaker R.J. Bond and Tupac Shakur's former bodyguard FRANK ALEXANDER have teamed up to make an explosive new documentary about the night the rap icon lost his life. The odd couple made Pac, Tupac: Assassination with a view to releasing the project around the 10th anniversary of Shakur's death in 2006, but they had too many people to interview. The film, which features interviews with those who were witnesses to the slain rapper's shooting death in Las Vegas. And Bond admits he was stunned by some of the revelations his interviewees delivered on camera. He says, "We started learning some very interesting things. We talked to a lot of business associates of Tupac's at the time. We talked to several bodyguards that were actually present the day Tupac was killed. "Originally, what this started off was collecting people's remembrances about Tupac - who he was, the things he meant to his fans and to his friends - but soon certain facts came out. "We just asked a natural question: `Have you ever spoken to the police about this?' People started telling us that the police had never even spoken to them. "So then it becomes, `How deep does the rabbit hole go?'"