Bond girl Eva Green has no plans to resurrect her theatre career, because she's becoming "less and less confident" in her ability as she grows older.
The Casino Royale star has previously admitted she suffered crippling stage fright during a run of performances in her native France, and she's wary of returning to the tiring job.
She tells London's ES Magazine, "I wish I was brave enough to do theatre. It's very exhausting and so stressful. You have all these butterflies you want to kill; every night, every night... I'm not brave enough to go there. Maybe with years, but I feel as if I'm becoming less and less confident. We'll see...
"Maybe other areas I've got more confidence, but it's just such a weird business. People are always judging you. It's a hard thing to not suffer. It's hard. Everybody thinks it's glamorous and you're very lucky. But it's not a very safe, comfortable job. It's paradoxical."