Bond movie producer Albert 'cubby' Broccoli put Britt Ekland on double rations on the set of The Man With The Golden Gun to give her a fuller figure.

The filmmaker first spotted the Swedish beauty in 1973's The Wicker Man and was so impressed with her curves he immediately hired her as his next Bond girl.

But he was unaware Ekland had been pregnant when shooting the horror movie and when she arrived on set the following year, her slimmed-down body left Broccoli aghast.

In a desperate bid to restore the figure he had hired, the 007 producer fed her carb-packed plates of pasta and would order double helpings for the actress when they headed out for a meal.

Ekland tells British magazine S, "Albert Broccoli, our producer, had seen me in The Wicker Man and thought how voluptuous I was. What he didn't know - and I didn't either at that time - was that I was pregnant. So when I met up with him a year later to talk about the Bond role, he thought I'd got thin.

"He kept feeding me spaghetti. Every Saturday night, no matter where we were, we would find an Italian restaurant and he would give a dinner for the cast and crew. He always served me two servings."