Former CHARLIE'S ANGEL and Bond girl Tanya Roberts is taking Los Angeles' dog patrol authorities to court after they nabbed her pooch SPANKY for attacking a neighbour.

The actress claims she's being victimised because she's a celebrity, after her pet attacked a jogger while he was out walking with his mistress.

The A VIEW TO A KILL star says, "It's ridiculous. I save dogs. I'm sort of a dog activist and Spanky is a little angel."

Roberts claims the attack was blown out of proportion by her neighbour, who called the authorities to complain.

She adds, "This was a dog nip. He didn't grab a child or rip off someone's arm. It was a scratch. There was no blood.

"It's just absurd. I'm a wonderful dog owner and I do lots of charity stuff. I'm looking for some justice as a citizen. They've crashed down on me with no sensitivity - like I'm some kind of monster. We want our little Spanky back."

Roberts is suing the Los Angeles Department of Animals over the ordeal and the stress from it.

30/05/2003 19:05