New Bond baddie MAGS MIKKELSEN has become a killer poker player thanks to his role as villain LE CHIFFRE in Casino Royale. The actor's character had to portray a top card shark in the new movie and Mikkelsen spent hours perfecting his poker with an expert. The end result was he looked like the real deal in the film, and now, in real life, he's perfected his poker. He explains, "I am a card player and have been playing for many years. This time I had the opportunity to get a coach and that was a big help. "I knew the game but the tricks he gave me and the discipline he supplied me with made the difference when I went home and played with my friends." Mikkelsen learned fast and quickly became the best poker player on the Casino Royale set. He adds, "I did get a royal straight flush playing with the cast once and I won all their per diem (spending money). I was ready for people to applaud but they were p**sed they lost their money."