Former Bond girl Denise Richards' publicist has acted quickly to rubbish a new magazine expose, in which a former nanny claims the actress is a moody 'Jekyll and Hyde' character. In a new U.S. magazine article, the unnamed child minder claims the actress, who is now divorced from ex-husband Charlie Sheen, sleeps with 14 dogs, guzzles coffee she imports from Hawaii and changes from pleasant to unpleasant in an instant. But Richards' spokeswoman Jill Fritzo has jumped to the actress' defence, insisting, "The story is untrue." The former nanny alleges Richards is prone to "temper changes," adding she's "irritable" and "can't focus." She tells the Star, "In the morning, she's sweet and friendly, but... by one o'clock, she seems wired and confused. She changes plans from one minute to the next. "She'd tell me, '(Daughter) Lola needs to sleep at this time,' and then changes her mind. She'd tell me to pick up the kids at school and then say, 'I'm going to go, I have the time.'" The claims come at a bad time for Richards, who is fighting with her ex over custody of their two young daughters. Sheen has accused his ex of spying on him by employing her assistant as the children's nanny and insisting she accompanies the kids when the actor and his new fiancee, Brooke Mueller, spend time with them. The Platoon star is now hoping to land better custody terms that will allow him to hire his own nanny.