Bond girl Gemma Arterton is convinced she was destined to play a 007 love interest - because the theme to THE SPY WHO LOVED ME was playing on the radio as she drove to her audition for QUANTUM OF SOLACE.
Arterton was too focused on winning the role to realise the link at the time - but now she remembers singing along to Carly Simon's Nobody Does It Better to calm her nerves.
She says, "It was playing on my car radio so I think it was meant to be."
And it was more Bond music that she heard when she eventually landed the role of Agent Fields.
She recalls, "I was filming Three and Out in the middle of the ocean in Gibraltar and I was wearing scuba diving gear and I got a phone call from my agent, who was singing the James Bond theme tune down the phone. I'll never forget it.
"My co-star Colm Meaney turned to me with tears in his eyes and said, 'This is such a big moment in your life, your life has just changed forever and I was here to see it happen.'"