New Bond girl Gemma Arterton is worried her feisty character in the forthcoming 007 movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE will fail to turn on red-blooded male fans - because she is so normal.
The British actress wanted to break the tried-and-tested Bond girl mould by playing a down-to-earth love interest in Daniel Craig's second outing as the suave secret agent.
However, despite Arterton insisting her character in the movie isn't "hot", she believes she has a certain humble charm that will interest most men.
She says, "There is a formula to Bond women. They're his women. You just have to make them your own in any way you can.
"To the normal guy, they're unobtainable but I didn't want that. I wanted my character to be a girl from down the road who does this job - we don't know exactly what she does but she goes to work every day - and comes back and she goes down the pub at the weekend and has a drink."
She adds, "At first you might think she was a bit of a snooty bitch but she's actually quite nice when you get to know her. I wanted to make her real. She's not hot but I hope there's a charm to her."