The man behind Bon Jovi, Metallica, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath's 'style' is to launch a new women's clothing line. Ray Brown, who created stage outfits for Priest's Rob Halford and heavy rock guitar greats Tony Iommi and Slash, has designed the Ray Brown Classic collection. Iommi admits he's stunned by the news, but has every faith in his longtime designer. He tells, "Considering Ray only has one colour (black) to work with when designing my clothes, he is always able to come up with interesting and adventurous pieces. "For over 25 years Ray has been creating my outfits for both on and off stage, yet he is still able to produce new ideas and concepts." And Slash adds, "I highly recommend Ray Brown to any artist because of his craftsmanship and his ability to interpret my ideas in a cool way."