Bon Jovi had to scrap half a million albums because of the "awful" cover.

The rockers were forced to come up with a quick replacement for the artwork of their 1986 classic LP 'Slippery when Wet' because they were worried the original design would end their career.

Singer Jon Bon Jovi said: "They were going to delay the release of the record, and 'You Give Love A Bad Name' was already on the radio.

"The original album cover was a girl cropped from her chin down to maybe her waist with a t-shirt on that said 'Slippery When Wet', and this hot pink was the border of the album cover. And this is in a time before fax machines and computers, and they sent us this album cover on a Xerox and the Xerox was blue, so it was bad enough that the picture was cropped poorly, but we had no idea that the art director had designed the cover based on the fingernail polish this girl had on, and he made our album cover hot pink laughs.

"So thank God the record company said this will be career suicide, and they burned half a million album covers. I took a black hefty garbage bag at around midnight, squirted it with water and wrote 'Slippery When Wet', and that was the cover."

It is not only the artwork for 'Slippery When Wet' that Jon was unhappy with.

He added to Absolute Radio DJ Ben Jones: So subsequently the 'New Jersey' record cover is awful, 'Keep the Faith' is pretty good, but most of our album covers are just s***e. , I've made some of the worst album covers of all time.