Rockers Bon Jovi have scrapped plans to pen an autobiography about their 25 years together - because the bandmates couldn't agree on what to reveal to the world. The You Give Love A Bad Name hitmakers had started work on a book with author David Ritz, but they quickly realised there were too many secrets they wanted to keep. Jon Bon Jovi tells, "We were limiting ourselves in what we'd say, so when you're having reservations you're not telling the truth. "And, if you're not telling the truth, what's the point? So we gave 'em (publishers) their money back and called it a day." But the band hasn't given up on plans to give fans something special and personal - and that's why Oscar-winning director Barbara Kopple and a film crew will accompany Bon Jovi on its current tour, shooting an all-access documentary about the group. Jon Bon Jovi adds, "It's either gonna tell the truth or it's not coming out. There's been a lot of accomplishments in 25 years. There's a story there. There's a reason why."