Bon Jovi have hit out at critics of their music insisting, regardless of musical preferences, no one can question the rockers' commercial success. The enduring group boast an upcoming sold-out three-night engagement at Giants Stadium, New Jersey at the end of the month (JUL06) and hope the impressive tickets sales and venue will silence dissenters for good. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi tells the New York Post, "After all these years, our harshest critics have to throw up their hands, accept us and say, 'They are what they are.' "I keep doing what I do. One of the things I give this band credit for is we never jumped on anyone's bandwagon. We don't rap, we didn't pretend to be from Seattle, we didn't do boy-band pop - like us or not, you can't say we were anything but honest. We play rock, and we play it better than most. "We're in that rarified air. There ain't anybody else playing three nights at the stadium. It ain't THE (ROLLING) STONES or U2, it ain't BRUCE (Springsteen) or Madonna. Bon Jovi - three nights at the Stadium - not bad."