A British woman who was injured backstage at a Bon Jovi concert in 2006 has won a $49,500 (£33,000) payout after claiming the accident ruined her sex life and prevented her from working.
Sally Allen was employed as a security supervisor at Milton Keynes' National Bowl in central England during the band's show there four years ago when roadie Kevin MCDonnell struck her with a golf buggy.
The 39 year old filed a lawsuit claiming she suffered a broken leg, ligament damage and severe internal injuries, as well as the inability to make love, after the crash, which occurred as she was trying to prevent backstage access after a fire broke out in the VIP area.
Allen had originally hoped for $375,000 (£250,000) compensation but decided to settle the case because she "can't cope" with the ordeal any more.
She tells the Yorkshire Evening Post, "I have gone through hell since the accident. I have not been able to work for years and my marriage broke down and now, all I have been left with is £33,000. At first we were going for £250,000 so this is a big let down. I had no idea it would go on this long or be this hard. I thought it best that I draw a line under it and get on with my life because I can't cope with it any more.
"In the end I only ended up with about £3,000 after I paid back what I had been paid in disability benefits and paying the solicitor. It's hard because I've lost more money than that with not working for four years."
MCDonnell no longer works for the band.