Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi remains baffled by Jennifer Lopez's musical success, because she can't play an instrument. The ALWAYS rocker is grateful for the recent resurgence of rock, following years of pop from manufactured acts who rely on teams of producers and songwriters to create their number one hits. And he names the PLAY singer as the dominant culprit. Bon Jovi rants, "It was so sickening to see some of these people - I've got to say her name - like J.Lo, sitting at a piano in a video, thoughtfully 'writing' a lyric. I was so frustrated. "I wanted to say to her, 'Hey J.Lo, here's my guitar honey. Sing me a song,' and see what would happen. "There's J.Lo having number one movies and albums and I'm thinking, 'What the f**k! Who is going to find the next Bob Dylan?'"