Bon Iver took home the award for the Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards last night and so kicked off the now seemingly traditional split of opinion between those who were already aware of the group, and thus mocking of the fact that they took the gong despite releasing a hugely critically acclaimed album in 2008, and those who hadn't heard of them and questioned who they were.
Taking the award, the band's creative catalyst and front man Justin Vernon commented "It's hard to accept because when I started to make songs, I did it for the inherent reward of making songs, so I'm a little bit uncomfortable up here. I want to say thank you to all of the nominees, to all of the non-nominees that have never been here and never will be here, all the bands I toured with, all of the bands that inspired me."
However the Washington Post reports that his win didn't go down so well on Twitter, with fans of contenders Skrillex and Nicki Minaj most vocal in their complaints. "Lol and best new artist...... BonIver.... Who? Lol" tweeted scottspeed, with haileybaldwin commenting "Bon Iver who r u?"and Paige_Duke asking "Who was that guy? Bon Iver?" It was a similar scenario to last year when the un-fancied Arcade Fire took the Best Album Award ahead of more commercially popular acts. Indeed for those more aware of Vernon's troup the 'New Artist' tag rankled a little, he was playing the main stage at Glastonbury back in 2009 following the positive reaction to the group's debut album 'For Emma, Forever Ago.'