R+B stars Bobby V and Akon are so desperate to outdo each other with their burgeoning bank balances, they've descended into a bitter battle of the "bling".

Musical integrity and acclaim is not enough for the musical rivals - V, who is raking in the cash after releasing SLOW DOWN, is convinced his lifestyle is infinitely more glitzy than Akon's, who topped charts with LONELY.

V boasts, "I don't have any chart rivals. I'm in a lane of my own. I love bling. The bling is the thing. Slow Down has got me a house, got me a car.

"I'm looking forward to doing a few more shows so I can get a couple more cars and a couple more houses."

But Akon protests, "I'm number one bling. Bobby ain't seen me yet, I raise that kid.

"I bought all my jewels before my number one record but by the next single I'll have a new set."

04/07/2005 02:09