LATEST: British rockers Bobby Gillespie, Pete Doherty and CARL BARAT have joined in the tributes to former Pink Floyd frontman SYD BARRETT, who died earlier this month (07JUL06). Barrett, who left the psychedelic band in 1968 after developing mental problems, passed away on 7 July from complications relating to diabetes. Primal Scream frontman Gillespie says, "Syd Barrett was the perfect artist/poet/visionary. "Like Arthur Rimbaud, he created a new language in sound, words and image, then split the scene - leaving no bad work, no ugly photographs, just his beautiful music/poetry to inspire and enrich our lives forever." Babyshambles singer Doherty adds, "He was a mystery - attracted to melody. He was one person going, 'A tree told me.' He really was a genius." Doherty's former The Libertines bandmate CARL BARAT laments, "Syd was a true libertine. A tragic genius whose influence will go on forever. "I advise everyone to go and listen to THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN, THE MADCAP LAUGHS and BARRETT - they say it all."