PRIMAL SCREAM singer Bobby Gillespie has urged more musicians to use their influence to help charitable causes.

The band - who are performing benefit concert HOPING FOR PALESTINE in London tomorrow night (16OCT04) to raise money for Palestinian children - claims there have always be strong links between music and charity, and he is convinced late beatle John Lennon would have joined them onstage if he were still alive.

He concludes, "The band has been wanting to do this for a long time. We are all so upset and appalled with what is going on there.

"Of course, we're not the first musicians in this country to try to use our music to help those who need support. John Lennon used his name and money to oppose the Vietnam war and support the workers on strike.

"If Lennon were still on this earth, he'd be doing Palestine. In fact, he'd be rocking the Brixton Academy tomorrow night."

15/10/2004 18:58