Dodd Darin has been encouraged by the regional success of Dream Lover, The Bobby Darin Musical, which launched in Australia in September (16), and now he has re-organised the business and creative management team in charge of his parents' estates in the hopes of building on their legacy with a new drama chronicling the highs and lows of Bobby and Sandra's seven-year marriage, which ended in divorce in 1967.

According to, Dodd is also working on a feature documentary, and he hopes to produce a new big screen project about his dad's life, which was cut short following a heart operation in 1973, when he was just 37.

Dodd previously worked with Kevin Spacey on the biopic Beyond the Sea, in which the House of Cards star portrayed the popular singer/actor, with Kate Bosworth as Sandra. The film earned Spacey a Golden Globe nomination for his performance, but it received mixed reviews upon its 2004 release and flopped at the box office.