The 45-year-old actor is a regular in Hollywood thanks to his roles in films such as Ant-Man and TV shows including Vinyl. Despite his success, Bobby admits he still feels like he's blagging his way through his career, having grown up as a rebellious youngster in New Jersey.

"You know, I grew up with a bunch of factory workers," he recalled to Rolling Stone Australia. "It doesn't make any sense I'm here. When I stop to think about it, I think, 'Aw, something's gonna get figured out, and they're going to realise it's a fake ID.'

"Like, the worst that we did (when I was younger) was vandalism. A lot of throwing things through things and marking up things and knocking over the newspaper machine to get quarters so we can go to the arcade or buy beer."

Vinyl, a show about the ins and outs of running a record label, is currently a roaring success on the small screen and also stars Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple. Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger are two of the names behind the programme and Bobby first interacted with the Rolling Stones frontman via Skype before filming began. In order to give the impression of being "cool", Bobby wore all black and got the lighting just right, but found out afterwards that he'd come across as too intense.

Next thing he knew the actor was driving to Washington, D.C. with his girlfriend Rose Byrne, who gave birth to their son Rocco last month (Feb16), in tow for a meeting with Jagger at the Four Seasons Hotel.

"I didn't even know a hotel room that big existed. Like, I couldn't find a bathroom," Bobby recalled, explaining they talked about music most of the time. "I just tried not to say much... (I mentioned a YouTube video where) Michael (Jackson) does the moonwalk and people go crazy, and then Prince is carried through the crowd on the back of his bodyguard. I showed it to Jagger, and he died. We must have watched it 10 times. I felt like, 'Oh, we're good now.'"