LATEST: Bosses for American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER have forged ahead with their interview with Bobby Brown's alleged Antigua mistress after the troubled star refused to talk about his reported fling unless he was paid $1 million (GBP526,000).

Teenager SAMARA EMMANUEL claims the 36-year-old MY PREROGATIVE singer seduced her in his hotel room in Antigua, while his wife Whitney Houston was undergoing drug rehabilitation at the nearby Crossroads facility.

Emmanuel, 19, tells the Enquirer Brown performed oral sex on her but later failed to penetrate her because he couldn't get an erection.

She says, "His little magician wasn't performing any tricks that evening... I don't know why - I think he was drunk."

The teenager claims she spent the rest of the evening watching TV with Brown, while they kissed, cuddled and eventually fell asleep.

Emmanuel states that Brown constantly professed his love for his wife while they were together: "He said he sill loved her and hoped when she came out of rehab she'd be straight again."

Enquirer reporter PATRICIA SHIPP offered Brown the chance to set the record straight about the story, but he demanded $1 million to talk to the publication.

22/04/2005 02:30