The woman credited as Bobby Brown's new girlfriend has slammed reports she "backstabbed" her friend Whitney Houston by dating her man, insisting she only spoke to the R+B singer on the phone once. Alicia Etheredge, who is now managing Brown's career, has denied reports she and Brown are lovers - a point she made to Houston when she was tricked into speaking to the singer at the end of last year (06). But Etheredge is more annoyed by reports she stole her friend's man, and ended Brown and Houston's marriage. She says, "I have never met Whitney in my entire life... That's the one thing that ruffled my feathers, just because we all know that's not true and I definitely respect and appreciate a marriage. "There was one time when someone who, I guess, mutually knew the two of us wanted to get us on the phone for their own personal interest... It was a short and brief conversation. "I just said, 'I don't have anything to do with you and Bobby.' That was it and I hung up the phone. "The whole fact of putting me out there as a friend who is now dating her ex-husband is just scandalous - and it's so untrue."