R+B star Bobby Brown snorted so much cocaine he thought he was Al Pacino's legendary Scarface movie character Tony Montana.
The singer, who divorced Whitney Houston in 2007 after 15 years of marriage, has fought a widely-publicised battle against drugs.
And he admits that at the height of his habit, he mirrored the Scarface anti-hero - who snorts mountains of cocaine on his office desk and has the motto "The World Is Yours".
Brown tells MTV.com, "I had a desk like Scarface's in my room, and I kept (cocaine) piled up on it. Every time I walked past my desk, I'd make a line of coke from one end to the other.
"I'd take a straw and snort a line the same way Scarface did it in the movie. You couldn't tell me nothing. I felt like I was Tony Montana! The world was mine!
"I never had to look for coke; I kept it plentiful. There was times when I went on my binges and would lock myself up in a room for days at a time just getting high."