Bobby Brown, the estranged husband of Whitney Houston, has asked a judge to re-evaluate the custody settlement of the couple's teenage daughter.

Earlier this year the former New Edition singer accepted a divorce settlement that granted Houston sole custody of Bobbin Kristin Brown, 14.

But lawyers representing the 38-year-old have told a Californian court that Houston lied about their marriage before its ultimate end in April this year.

Attorney Stacy Philips claimed in Orange County superior court that her client "did not have his day in court".

"Who is he going to rely on the most?" she asked. "The woman he loves. He thinks they're working on their marriage."

Houston, 44, and Brown married in 1992, but their relationship was strained by the latter's frequent arrests and the former's stints in drug rehabilitation centres.

Brown told People magazine though that he was only going back to the courtroom because he missed his daughter.

"The goal is to see her a lot more and to be involved in the decision making in her life, the places she goes, the people she hangs out with. All of that," he said.

A decision on whether either Brown or Houston will have to appear in court in person is expected later this month ahead of November's custody hearing.

01/09/2007 20:42:41