Bobby Brown insists he was just "playing" with wife Whitney Houston when he ended up arrested for assaulting her - even though she called the police herself.

The MY PREROGATIVE singer is still awaiting the outcome of charges pressed against him by Georgia state officials from the incident, which occurred late last year (03) - and he insists he's totally innocent.

He says, "Me and my wife kinda got into a little spat. No (drugs) on either of our parts (were involved). None whatsoever. No alcohol or nothing was involved.

"I think it was frustration on my behalf knowing that I had to go out of town and my wife wasn't there all day and I didn't know where she was and I couldn't get in touch with her.

"She hit me. She threw something at me and it just escalated. One thing I didn't understand is that it turned out to look like I hit her. I don't know what they're talking about. It did not happen. I've got big hands. I would hurt her. It be more than just a little cut in the lip.

"My wife has called the police many times, playing around. I'm not saying it was made up, it's exaggerated, basically. We play like that. We played slap box, that's what we do. I guess she just took it a little serious. And she'll tell you the same thing, that it was just a little something... I am a great husband. I believe I'm an excellent husband."

03/05/2004 09:08