Bobby Brown blames his wife Whitney Houston for his recent child support-related jail stint, because she failed to hand over money he owed his ex-girlfriend.

The troubled R+B star was jailed in March (04) for failing to pay child support, and then released after spending a day in prison in Massachusetts. A judge then ordered Brown to set up a proper college fund for the kids he had with ex-girlfriend KIM WARD - LaPRINCIA, 14, and 12-year-old BOBBY JR - or risk another stint behind bars.

But he tells DATELINE NBC that if his wife had taken care of the payments as she usually did, the whole episode would never have happened.

He says, "Usually that is automatically sent. I was going through a lot of things during that last year, from court situations to marital problems. I was not paying attention to someone paying the monthly (cheques for) my children.

"I leave all the bills to my wife. Like BILL COSBY said, 'Camille handles all the monies in the house.' Whitney handles all the bills in the house."

While Brown claims he doesn't know why Houston didn't pay the bills, he accepts he needs to break free of his financial dependence on his wife, who's currently going through a drug rehabilitation program.

He adds, "(It's) very important, as far as being able to do something every day that keeps me away from the demons that bite at me. I will work real hard at trying to be a little better every day."

03/05/2004 13:56